Saturday, January 23, 2010

a little help from my friends

Now that I have nine followers, I should be able to get a little help, no? I need help putting together an outfit for a friend's bachelorette party in rural MN. Now I spent the first 18 years of my life in rural MN, but as a high school kid I wasn't exactly clued into the nightlife.

I'd like to wear a cute dress that I've been saving, but the bride said to dress casual. I mean the dress isn't uber fancy, but it is probably not "casual." But maybe if I threw on a more casual jacket. Here's the dress. Too much? Alternative outfits? Black tights and boots?

As you can tell, I really want to wear this and just may even though the bride told me to dress casual. Or is that bad?


  1. It's hard to see but if she said casual I would probably stick with jeans. You could maybe dress it down with tights or leggings and flat boots. Or try a long sleeve shirt underneath?

  2. I agree, although this dress is cute, if your friend said casual I would stick with jenas, a cute top with boots or pumps.

  3. Of course you are both right ... le sigh. Why do I feel like I own no cute tops. Perhaps now is the time to bust out my $20 rewards card and get one? *thinking*

  4. I think you might own 50 cute tops. Is the problem more wanting to wear something new to this event?

    (wondering who the bride is btw)

  5. I always tend to overdress, so if I've been dying to wear that dress, I'd probably find a way to wear it. LOL

    How about dress it down with skinnies or leggings and some boots. I also like Heather's idea of wearing a l/s tee under.

  6. not that I am a fashionista, but casual in rural Minnesota would definitely say "jeans" to me ... and that dress is several steps above casual ;). I agree with Kate, you probably own a ton of cute tops!