Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my challenge my rules

Still week one and I'm still designing my challenge. I better put the rules out there to hold myself accountable to this task. I've taken some liberties with the original Spend-Free rules to better suit my needs.

1) No clothing, shoe, jewelry, or accessory purchases. For the girl with more than 150 pairs of shoes/boots, I anticipate this not really being a problem. Or I'll just be wearing alot of black.

2) I am allowed to eat out for legitimate celebrations or if Husband is so hungry and in such a rush that a drive-thru is in order. In the case of the latter, I will only order off the dollar menu when possible and steal some of Husband's fries and Diet Coke.

3) I am allowed to spend money on toys for Carl Rove, the newest addition to the Chunglund family.

4) Also allowed are gifts for others pursuant to the original Spend-Free rules.

5) We are moving into a studio loft. I imagine we are going to have to get creative with storage and purchases may need to be made. These are allowed. How else will I store my 150 plus pairs of shoes?

Instead of donating to the United Way, I'm starting a vacation fund. We are headed to Korea in August 2010!

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