Thursday, January 14, 2010

herein lies the dilemma

So I started this challenge for the following reasons:

1. To combat indiscriminate purchasing - I have been known to buy things because they are on sale or only $20, whether I need them or not. 

2. To save $$ by curbing practice mentioned above

3. To limit wardrobe additions, given our downsize from a 1,200 sq. foot condo without enough closet space to an 800 square foot loft with even less closet space

So, what is a girl to do when she gets her $20 BR Reward? It is like free money, but I would probably have to shell out a bit of cash to cover the difference since the terms and conditions of the reward require the purchase to be more than $20. This would obviously be against the rules. However, since it is like FREE MONEY* (do you hear me? FREE MONEY!), I would still be staying within the spirit of the challenge.

Thoughts anyone?

*Yes, I know it not really FREE MONEY. It is the reward for using and abusing my Visa. It was not free.

1 comment:

  1. I just found your blog and think it's fabulous. You are much stronger than me... I don't think I could give up shopping, although I have stopped eating out much since having my daughter.

    I would either hold onto the reward. Maybe you can combine it with present money in the future and get something that you really love/need. Otherwise wait until you really get the itch for something new. And then spend your reward on something cute and small... like a scarf, earrings or some tights. You own't be falling off the bandwagon, but you'll still be able to treat yourself to something new.