Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what a day!

Whew! What a day I've had so far. Between puppy barf in a cup holder (GROSS) and a possible job interview (yay, but can't talk about it because DO NOT want to jinx it), I've had a full day already. I finally made it to the office less than an hour ago and need to leave by 5:00 to go to my first Korean language lesson. My in-laws really only speak Korean, so it would be lovely to be able to participate in a conversation instead of sitting at the table with them and not knowing what the hell is going on. Awkward. Hence, the Korean language lessons.

OK, on to the main event. We've started packing. Moving day is Feb. 6. It will be a challenge to continue to come up with interesting outfts as my closet slowly gets packed away into boxes. I have found some items though that I have forgotten I even owned ... like the 50 cute tops mentioned by Kate in a comment to an earlier post.

Shoes: Cole Haan Ambrose, purchased at Marshalls for $50 when I probably did not have $50 to spend, but they were such a good deal it felt like destiny
Pants:  JCrew matchstick cords, on super sale, like I paid less than $30 for these
Blouse: Arden B, from a loooong time ago, see Kate, I do wear stuff from Erica's favorite store
Cardi: Express, also from a loooong time ago, the jeweled buttons have seen better days I think


  1. I absolutely love this outfit AND I realized that I think these are the same cords you wore like a month later in another post I just commented on. I think I need a pair of skinny cords :P

  2. btw I really hope if you respond to any of my comments they get sent to me. I can't seem how to get blogger to give me the option to have responses emailed to me :(.

  3. oh wait I just figured it out! Now I'll have to go back to all the previous posts I commented on and subscribe to those too :). I'm such a dunce.