Saturday, January 23, 2010

want it. get it.

A while back I tried starting a look for less type blog. Blogs like this seem to be a dime a dozen. But, I like the thought so want to incorporate it once a week here. Here's your first edition of "want it. get it."

This little lovely, the Captured Gems Bracelet from Anthropologie is $178. Now even if I wasn't particpating in this challenge, I would NEVER EVER IN ONE MILLION YEARS buy this bracelet for myself. UNLESS, it was for say, my wedding, which already happened, in a Mercedes in a drive-thru in Las Vegas and there was really no jewelry involved accept for the rings we picked up at the gift shop. Or it might make a lovely bouquet wrap.

If you want the look, try the Rhinestone Seduction bracelet from Forever 21. For little over 4% of the cost of the Anthropologie bracelet, you can have this, which retails for $7.80. I know. It's gold and not silver, but did you read it's ONLY $7.80!

Have a great wekend everyone!

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