Thursday, January 28, 2010

three degrees

That is what my car says the temperature is outside right now. WTF. It is "I feel like I should just lay down and give up while walking across the sea of asphalt that is a parking lot to my office" COLD. 

Note to self: wearing dress and tights in 3 degree weather is not a good idea. FREEZING.

This outfit did not photograph well with an iPhone and an office bathroom. Maybe with all the money I save this year, I can buy a nice camera and a tripod? Our other digital camera is on its last legs too.

Boots: Old Navy
Tights: probably Target and they are maroon despite whatever color they look in this picture
Dress: Gap, it is navy blue wool and has cute pintuck/button placket that you can't see, sad.
Tee: Express
Necklace: Target, I think

I tried a white button-down shirt with this outfit and while it looked OK, all that layering was making me feel constricted and I felt like I couldn't move. Hence the tee.


  1. Well January it's almost to its there are 11 months left :) Nice boots, anyway! :)

  2. At least you look fabulous even if you are freezing in reality. I can't believe those boots are Old Navy!