Saturday, January 16, 2010

swap it out

I'm not allowed to purchase new (or used) clothing/shoes/accessories for 365 days. But, I am allowed to swap/trade! I am so glad that some ambitious Twin Cities gal started up this Meetup Group. So so so EXCTED!! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FIRST ONE! I was thinking that there needed to be a group like this in Mpls-St. Paul, but I am administratively challenged and did not have the patience or initiative to start it up on my own. Plus, if no one came, I would probably take it irrationally personally and be really sad and assume people just didn't like me. Just couldn't put myself out there like that. Silly willy, I know. But never fear! Someone braver than me has made one of my dreams come true. Thank you Twin Cities Clothing Swap Meetup Group organizer! Ms. Twin Cities Clothing Swap Meetup Group Organizer (sung to the Real American Heros Budweiser tune, of course), we salute you!

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