Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend triumph

This was a pretty economical weekend for me (us). I picked up a wedding shower gift ($21) for a friend at Patina and a couple air-tight canisters ($35) for the pantry at Home Goods, which BTW is one of my FAVORITE stores. I also bought a gas station cappuccino on Saturday morning (along with some gas), mostly because I needed to treat myself since I had to WORK, on SATURDAY, GRRRR!! Oh yeah and I bought tea and a doughnut on Sunday because I had a meeting at a coffee shop at 2:00 and I hadn't eaten yet at all that day and it was making me CRAZY CRABBY, which is NOT A GOOD THING. Just ask Gus.

But here's the TRIUMPH of the weekend! When I woke from my regular Sunday afternoon nap, still feeling a little crabby because I was just waking up, I managed to convince Gus that he DID NOT need to spend money by ordering Jimmy John's because I could DEFINITELY make something with the ingredients in our pantry. And GUESS WHAT? I came up with some concoction, using some ground turkey, cream of mushroom soup, carrots, onions, and celery. Sounds gross, but Gus loved it and it didn't cost us any addtional $$.  Jimmy John's was sure hard to resist though because I LOVE JJ's. I always get the Vito. So delicious. So bad for you.

But wait! One more awesome thing I did last night while not watching the Vikings because it was making me way too nervous (heartbreaking loss BTW), I planned out meals for this entire week. Headed to the grocery store after work! GO ME!


  1. i once spent 5 hrs at a combination of tjmaxx & homegoods gigantic store.