Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tuesday temptation

Last Tuesday, I posted about a pair of delightful shoes. I covet these shoes and will probably continue coveting them for the next year I suppose. Alas, the TUESDAY TEMPTATION was born. Every Tuesday, I'll post one thing that I really really really want, but can't have.*

Here's what I'm wanting NOW ... drumroll please ... I would like a pair of over-the-knee boots. Don't judge. I'm almost certain I can pull these off without looking like a hooker, but of course if I can't than at least I can stop thinking that I want a pair? I have extra special affection for these.

They can be purchased here. And it looks like they are even on sale from $199 to $119. Old self would be all over that like a fat kid on cake. I mean they are ON SALE!

The dilemma ... whether or not to try them on. Trying things on is NOT AGAINST THE RULES and if I can't pull them off without looking like a streetwalker, then I can stop obssessing over them. (FYI - I actually had DREAMS about the Steve Madden Intyce boots before I pulled the trigger. Gus likes to remind me of this as a testament to my craziness) But what if they look super hot and cause me to have dreams like the ones just mentioned? AAACKKK!
*Tarcy is also keeping track of the thing she really really wants, but can't have. You can check her out here.


  1. Love the idea of a Tuesday Temptation. And I'm a fat kid so had to laugh at the image of a fat kid and cake!!! LOL.

    But don't ... DO NOT ... go try them on. It becomes so much easier to justify when they're actually ON YOUR FEET.

  2. Right, but if they make me look like a hooker I can stop thinking about them!

  3. i want some over the knee boots too, but i'm holding out for a cheap pair that doesn't look like street walker.

    I would try the boots on, they look like they might slide down when walking and that's not what you want.